UUHA Annual Meeting 2021

Date and time: 
Saturday, July 10, 2021 - 4:00pm
Zoom Meeting
United States

This summer the UU Humanist Association will hold its Annual Meeting. This is one of our organization’s most important events, as it gives the UUHA Board of Directors a chance to meet directly with its membership and it gives members a chance to vote on the proposed UUHA board election slate.

Information on what is expected at our Annual Meetings can be reviewed in the UUHA Bylaws (Article III).

Similar to last year, the 2021 Annual Meeting will be hosted via the Zoom Conferencing Application. Though conducted remotely, our hope is this allows far more of our members the chance to meet with us! If you are a member of the UUHA, we really hope to see you. And if you are not a member, but you are interested in the UUHA, we hope you’ll attend the meeting as well.

The UUHA Board of Directors will provide a formal Agenda and Zoom login instructions closer to the date of the Meeting.  


WHEN: Saturday, July 10 
TIME: 4:00pm Eastern Time (3:00pm Central Time | 2:00pm Mountain Time | 1:00pm Pacific Time)
DURATION: 60 minutes, with a possibility of going longer.